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Here's the scoop...

Finally. New music videos...9/23/06

It only took two years but Orphus has finally produced and released
two music videos from their album "Map Of Hawaii". Check them out
on the video page of this website!

Live Shows, No-Go. Live Album Released Instead...9/9/05

Ok. So it's nearly a year later and Orphus hasn't played a show in
your favorite local pub. Don't ask us why because we've got no
answers. But we do have good news. Orphus has just released a
new "live" EP online. It's available via download only - and of course
it's FREE! See the front page for more details on "Live At Piggly Wiggly".

Live Shows? Tours? Concerts? What's Going On?...9/25/04

We don't have a full scoop yet, but rumors are already flying with
regards to some "Orphus-like" shows taking place in the near future.
These three guys are always working on something, so keep your
eyes and ears tuned to this site and the internet radio stations that
are playing Orphus tunes for more information.

"Map Of Hawaii" Is Finally Released...9/3/04

Have we ever lied to you? Wait a minute...don't answer that. The truth is, the brand new Orphus cd "Map Of Hawaii" was finally released this past week. That's right, Orphus fans...14 new original songs for your listening pleasure! If you're interested in obtaining a free copy of the cd, contact the band directly at In exchange for a free copy of "Map Of Hawaii", the band is not asking for money, but instead a quick album review via email from each recipient. This offer is only while supplies last, so get off your duff!

Check out the "Downloads" page (above) for free song downloads and clips from both "Map Of Hawaii" and previous Orphus CD's.

"Map Of Hawaii" track listing
 1. Therapeutic
 2. Small World
 3. We've Got Each Other
 4. Two-Legged Wreckin' Machine
 5. Get Off
 6. Cold Cocktail Smile
 7. Eternal Divine
 8. P.S.A.
 9. Don't Know Me At All
10. Lost
11. Live For The Moment
12. Facts Of Life
13. Taking Charge
14. Map Of Hawaii

"Map Of Hawaii" to be released in September...Really! 8/26/04

Ok. This time we're serious. Really. The finishing touches to the first Orphus cd in 4 years are being added. For as long as we've been waiting, this new disc better rock our socks off. If it doesn't, the Orphus Fan Club could end up in an uproar.

Don't Worry Folks..."Map Of Hawaii" Will Be Released Before You Can Say...6/4/04

Ok. We know we said "spring" and it's almost summer now, but we promise...the new Orphus cd "Map Of Hawaii" will be released soon. At least, that's what our sources tell us...but what the hell do they know? In the meantime, listen to your old Orphus cd's. They're always fun too, right?