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Related Links

Boycott The RIAA - Do! Support independent music, kids.

Download.Music.Com - This is the special section of that contains FREE song downloads of indie artists. - This is an awesome place to listen to indie music, including Orphus stuff. - Although it's not exactly well-run, this is a decent place to check out other independent bands, including Orphus.

Brad Sucks - A one-man band with no fans. Great stuff!

Internet Radio Stations Playing Orphus

- The KCHost Radio Network: Absolutely the best internet radio network on the planet. Great shows and great music - including plenty of Orphus!

- This is a KCHost Radio Network show. Check it out on Tuesday night from 6PM - 9 PM CST. Westmar is funny...and screwed up in the head!

KC Juke Box - Not exactly a radio station, but they've got some great stuff goin' on here, including a "juke box" of sorts that includes Orphus music.

Web Radio Puget Sound - Bud and Nancy have a great station that includes "New Music Thursday". They debuted "Taking Charge" on the October 7th, 2004 show. You can also catch Orphus songs during their "Rock" block, daily from 6 to 8 PM CST.

WCH Radio - Another great internet station that knows good music when they hear it!