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Since the message board and the online journal were both bombs, we decided to turn this page into a lyrics page. We hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for Orphus song lyrics you would like to see on here, please drop us a line!

(Carl, Randall)
© 2004 Carl/Ingle/Raniseski Music

I drink my coffee late at night
It keeps me up
And it's therapeutic
I smoke a cigarette after lunch
It feels so good
And it's therapeutic

People say I'm crazy but I don't mind
I take it one day at a time
I don't live my life for the masses
Some find it foolish but I don't care
Anytime, anyplace and anywhere
Whatever it takes, whatever makes me feel

I take long drives with the radio on
Turn it up full blast
Because it's therapeutic
I drink domestic beer alone and fast
It fucks me up
But it's therapeutic

I strum my guitar all day long
I sing outloud
And it's therapeutic
I mellow my music way out
It gets me relaxed
And it's therapeutic

Small World
© 2004 Carl/Ingle/Raniseski Music

Of all the places in the world to be
She finds a seat right next to me
Call it what you want
I call it suffocation

She turns to me with a smile on her face
And asks me when I'm growing out of this phase
This ain't no time for reservations

Please pinch me - I must be dreaming
More like a nightmare
She thinks that I still care

We're living in a small world
Smaller than you think, baby
There ain't nothing in this world that can keep us apart
We're living in a cruel world
Cruel as the game you're playing
I can't believe that God is dissin' me

Woke up this morning to a brand new day
Looked out the window and to my dismay
I've got myself a new next door neighbor

Not an easy thing for me to take
It wasn't long before she borrowed my rake
The time has come for me to move to Denver

Please pinch me - I must be dreaming
Feels like a nightmare
She thinks that I still care

We've Got Each Other
© 2004 Carl/Ingle/Raniseski Music

I never meant to hurt you
I didn't wanna make you cry
And all the things I did
They just tear me up inside

You've got a heart of gold
And a soul made for the heavens
Your smile lights up the room
And it brings my world alive

Yesterday's gone, gone away forever
And today I hold you tight
And deep into the night
You know...

I give it all to you
You give it all to me
We give it all together
Make them see
What they say to you and
What they say to me
Doesn't mean a thing
Cuz we've got each other

I'm not a perfect man
I've been scarred and hurt so deeply
But you've always stuck beside me
And you've helped to try and free me

I'm not the best at talking
And expressing just how I feel
But without you I am nothing
And that to me is real

The past is gone, gone away forever
And today I hold you beside me
And let you know always

And on my darkest day you get me through
I owe it all to you

Two-Legged Wreckin' Machine
(Ingle, Randall)
© 2004 Carl/Ingle/Raniseski Music

Never saw her comin'
Never had a chance
Just as quick as she flew in
She was gone again
Didn't spare her peace
Everything was shattered
It's all been handed to her on a silver fucking platter

My world looks like a bomb went off
I'll wait to the smoke clears and
I'll get dusted off

She's a two-legged wreckin' machine
Didn't see it comin'
She took care of me
She's a two-legged hurricane
Left me in ruins
I'll never be the same

She blows up everything
Nothing slows her down
Like swimmin' with sharks
She'll take you to town
She lured me in
She looked so sweet
Chewed me up and spit out
Like I was just a treat

I'm not the first one
Won't be the last
She leaves destruction
Everytime she leaves a path

Cold Cocktail Smile
(Carl, Randall)
© 2004 Carl/Ingle/Raniseski Music

My baby left me for a doctor
That bitch she left me high and dry
But now I'm out here on the beach front
Just me, a cold cocktail and a smile

Bikini babes to the left of me
Plastic surgery on the right
Good Lord I'm livin' in a dream world
Just me, my cold cocktail and a smile

I thought I heard them to say to pass the dutchie
I wasn't sure just what they meant
So I'll just lie here in the sunshine
Just me, a cold cocktail and a smile

My cousin Jed's in Mississippi
His brother Earl is gettin' high
I don't worry much 'bout my kinfolk
Cuz I got my cold cocktail and a smile

So if your woman ever leaves you
There's one more thing you oughta know
Make sure the trip is all-inclusive
To get your cold cocktail and a smile