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Here are some free song downloads to help you get a taste of who Orphus is and what they're all about. Some of these mp3's are entire songs and some are clips. For more information on how you can receive the entire song or CD, email Orphus directly at . See the Discography page for album/CD details.

From the album "Map Of Hawaii"
All songs © 2004 Carl/Ingle/Raniseski Music

Facts Of Life (2.72 MB)

Cold Cocktail Smile, Clip (391 KB)

We've Got Each Other, Clip (803 KB)

Two-Legged Wreckin' Machine, Clip (778 KB)

Small World, Clip (789 KB)

Taking Charge, Clip (416 KB)

From the album "Trippin' On A Rhyme"
All songs © 2000 Carl/Gehrke/Ingle/O'Brien/Raniseski Music

The Beer Train (Acoustic Version), Clip (445 KB)

I Will Follow You, Clip (1.1 MB)

That's The End, Clip (840 KB)

From the album "Roshambeau"
All songs © 1998 Gehrke/Ingle/O'Brien/Raniseski Music

One Of Those Days, Clip (873 KB)

Halfway Home, Clip (519 KB)

Want Me To Be, Clip (489 KB)

From the album "Orgy Of The Mind"
© 1997 Carl/Gehrke/Ingle/Raniseski Music

Ties That Bind, Clip (813 KB)

From the album "Unplugged"
© 1996 Carl/Ingle/Raniseski Music

Credit Card Behind The Bar, Clip (393 KB)

From the album "The Lost Album"
© 1994 Ingle/Raniseski Music

Many Beers Ago, Clip (378 KB)