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Orphus Online

The music is what matters most...

To help out Orphus fans both new and old, we have listed the band's CDs, sampler appearances, spin-off projects, and anything else we have information about. We'll eventually add a picture of the CD jacket and some sample sound files.

For now, enjoy the watered-down version of the Orphus Discography:

Orgy Of The Mind


Track List:
Orgy Of The Mind, Low Life, Movin' In, Proof, Home, Time To Burn, Ties That Bind, Solitary Man, Take These Wings, Tomorrow And Tonight, I'll Set You Free, Twisted Metal

Originally recorded on cassette but later transferred to compact disc. "Low Life" was written and sung by former Molotov bass player/singer, Neil O'Brien...he was listed as a "Special Guest" in the liner notes. Videos include "Ties That Bind", "Proof", a cover of Neil Diamond's classic "Solitary Man", and "Low Life".



Track List:
Want Me To Be, Don't Let Go, No Tomorrow, Insomnia, Outlast Time, My Song, Would You Like Me Better, Raising Hell, Anguish, One Of Those Days, Colder, Halfway Home, Home(Live Version)

Album title inspired by television series, "South Park". Clearly the broadest effort from Orphus at the time, marking the first time a cover song was not listed on the track list. Fan favorites include "One Of Those Days" and "Anguish"; the latter being written and sung by the newest official addition to the band, Neil O'Brien. Videos include "Want Me To Be", "No Tomorrow", and one of two O'Brien-Randall collaberations on the album, "Don't Let Go". "Halfway Home" received some radio airplay on a Colorado radio station. Album also includes a version of the original song, "Home", recorded live in a Kansas City hotel room. Song was originally co-written and sung by friend of the band, David Lyons, on "Orgy Of The Mind" album.

Trippin' On A Rhyme


Track List:
(I've Got To)Escape, What About Tomorrow, On My Mind, The Beer Train, Never Say Goodbye, Cage, Bustin' Out, 10 Years On, Guy's Night Out, That's The End, I Will Follow You, The Beer Train(acoustic)

Videos include "10 Years On" and "That's The End", as well as the mini-movie/video for "On My Mind". A fourth video was made for one of the "hidden tracks", a cover of Tommy Tutone's "867-5309". This album marks the first time that B.J. sings lead on songs that he has written entirely by himself.

Other Obscure Orphus Albums:

Dreamin'-1995, Vicious Circle-1996, Unplugged-1996, Dreamin' '97-1997, Live At The Bison-1997, The Lost Album-1999.

Most of these "other" Orphus albums contain material that was originally recorded on a 4-Track recorder and mixed to cassette. "Live At The Bison" was recorded "live" in between recording sessions for "Orgy Of The Mind". Originally recorded to cassette, it was eventually dubbed to a 2nd-generation CD (as was "Orgy".) "The Lost Album" was supposed to be a super-duper 1st generation CD collection of the best songs from the first 5 Orphus cassettes. The intention was to re-record the favorites on a new digital 8-track and burn them directly to CD. Unfortunately, technical difficulties turned this "first" into an incomplete, 2nd-generation CD that was never promoted or distributed in the manner that was intended. Some of the songs from this CD still rank as "cult-classics" and will remain signature Orphus tunes for years to come. If you have not heard some of these songs, you are definitely missing out. They include: "Many Beers Ago", "Believe", "Beer Goggle Blues", "Credit Card Behind The Bar", and many more! In the future, we hope to give you the opportunity to hear some of them through the downloading of audio clips as well as a possible redistribution on CD. Stay tuned!

Upcoming CD Yet To Be Named

In this area we'll discuss what we know about the forthcoming Orphus CD including timeline, cover art, and more!

Random Discussion About Songs That Will Appear On The Upcoming CD

Although not much information is available about the new Orphus CD, we do know that J.J.'s song "We've Got Each Other" will be one of the tracks. The song appeared on a minimally distributed solo CD that J.J. produced last year. "That song is one people will be talkin' about," said B.J. in reference to "We've Got Each Other".

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