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Orphus Online



Welcome to the official Orphus website. Orphus is a band unlike any other band. One reason is because they are 99% studio band and 1% live band. It's not that Orphus doesn't have the ability to perform their music in a live atmosphere - this is clearly not the case. Instead, Orphus is a band that has been put together in a way that it is not convenient to play live shows at bars and clubs. Afterall, playing live on a regular basis would be quite difficult when one of the core band members lives 500 miles from his bandmates.

Another unique feature of the Orphus identity is their overall sound. Five song writers and performers who come from different musical backgrounds, sometimes collaberating together and other times composing on their own, bring many different sounds to each track of an Orphus CD. Some songs have a distinct country flavor while others are more pop/rock, and still others have a more hard rock/metal feel. Diversity at its finest is what helps make an Orphus CD a truly enjoyable experience. To find out more about Orphus, please feel free to browse the rest of this site. Also, be sure to return to our site on a regular basis for frequent updates that will include information about the upcoming, new Orphus CD.

Oh, and don't be fooled by the 2 boxes (directly below) that look like advertisements. The box on the left is a link to our guestbook - please click on it and sign it. Thanks!

Also, please visit the "Contact Us" page for more information on how you can receive the Orphus Newsletter via email.

The first Orphus CD in over 3 years is slowly in the making.

Members of Orphus include:

J.J. Randall: Guitars/Vocals
Brad "B.J." Carl: Guitars/Vocals
Todd Ingle: Guitars/Vocals
Chris Gehrke: Vocals
Neil O'Brien: Bass/Vocals

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